product philosophy

Stay away from acids. Good cosmetics are always alkaline. Acids can be used, such as hyaluronic acid, but you should always end the application or follow up with good basic cosmetics.

Good cosmetics should not contain any problematic substances. If you add just 1 drop of mineral oil to 10,000 liters of the very best water, the entire water is inferior. It is similar with cosmetics. Really good cosmetics are super pure and contain only positive active ingredients.

The skin is resistant and often only shows negative reactions with a delay.
An applied cream, emulsion or serum likes the skin for a few
Superficially embellish hours. Because especially creams, emulsions and
Sera are often hard preserved, the negative effects then show up
only later, sometimes only years or decades later. Therefore, good cosmetics must not contain any problematic substances, so that the skin is and remains beautiful not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term. In order to achieve the greatest possible effect, it is important to find the right individual dosage. For example, a cup of LA VAGUE Sels de Bain can
Do great things and be sufficient. Some react much better to 3 cups or more or only then notice a noticeable effect. LA VAGUE Sels de Bain has so far been certified for 3 cups as the maximum quantity for a ø 160 l bathtub. However, we are considering applying for a larger possible amount because we have received feedback that a larger amount shows significantly better and faster results for some.

The active ingredients contained should have the greatest possible active ingredient power, i.e. active ingredients that are really urgently needed by the skin and the body. They should then also be present in sufficiently large concentrations and, above all, in the right equilibria with one another, since they often compete with one another for uptake. And they should be as complete as possible. If possible, all important active and vital substances should be present at the same time, so that the skin and the body are optimally and simultaneously supplied with everything during the applications. Often everything else makes little sense, because the omission of certain important substances with a constant supply of other important substances then leads to their deficiency. Nature, the skin and the body work differently than people usually imagine. It matters less whether you get a lot of an important substance. Rather, it is important that there is no shortage of any important substance or active ingredient or vital substance. To prevent this from happening, you should only or at least use real full-spectrum cosmetics.

According to Justus von Liebig, plant growth, the health of the plant, is determined by the substance that is least available, which is most likely to produce a deficiency. The plant can do a lot of certain nutrients
If an important nutrient is missing, it is of no use. Then you will
growth and their health thereby determined. It is very similar
also with the human skin and the human body.

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