LA VAGUE Sels de Bain: The first full spectrum bath salt

Why can so much valuable help, unexpected relief and significant improvements be observed through treatment with LA VAGUE alkaline baths? Why does LA VAGUE Sels de Bain, the first full-spectrum base salt, help, for example with regard to vitalization and relaxation of many kinds, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, skin purity, skin moisture and tone or for example with problems such as fatigue, stress, wrinkle formation, cellulite, neurodermatitis, Varicose veins, gray hair, pigmentation disorders and many signs of aging?

LA VAGUE Sels de Bain is a very special base salt with a unique composition of numerous minerals, trace elements, oils, algae, precious and semi-precious stones . In addition, LA VAGUE baths are an effective and comprehensive method in many ways to remove excess acids , detoxify the skin and body and at the same time supply the entire organism with numerous important active and vital substances .

The LA VAGUE alkaline bath has a special effect, especially on the skin.

It helps with:

1. Detoxification / Detox & deacidification of skin and body

1. Rejuvenation and tightening of the skin

2. Treating wrinkles

3. Get clear skin

4. Counteract dry skin

5. Repigmentation of skin and hair

6. Enrich the skin and body with important micronutrients / electrolytes / vital substances

7. Anti-aging / prevent aging / regeneration of the entire organism

8. Natural treatment and prevention of varicose veins

9. Natural treatment and prevention of neurodermatitis

10. Natural treatment and prevention of cellulite

11. Natural treatment and prevention of thrombosis


LA VAGUE - Bathrooms are characterized by special properties that cannot be found anywhere else in this type and quality.


Why are LA VAGUE base salt baths so extraordinary and pamper your skin and body so much?

These factors make the base salt LA VAGUE Sels de Bain so unique:

    Number of active ingredients and vital substances:
    A very large number of important micronutrients make LA VAGUE Sels de Bain a real alkaline full-spectrum bath salt, with more than 40 essential micronutrients as active and vital ingredients.

    Concentration of active and vital substances:
    A high concentration and balanced balance of these many micronutrients can be found in LA VAGUE Sels de Bain. At least 25 of the 40 essential active and vital substances are present in LA VAGUE Sels de Bain in a concentration that is much higher than usual in bath salts / bath additives / skin products. This can be explained by the fact that these micronutrients are not present as components of other salts etc., such as sea salts, but were added separately as individual substances in high concentrations. That's why the levels are much higher.

    Effect of the active ingredients and vital substances:
    The many necessary, highly concentrated, finely balanced / balanced micronutrients are only of any use if they penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and thus into the body. Only then can they really have an impact. However, this is anything but a given; on the contrary, it is rather a big exception that the active ingredients in skin products actually get to where they can work. All too often they do not penetrate the extremely robust and defensive stratum corneum of the skin and remain on the surface. The LA VAGUE Sels de Bain ingredients are specially formulated and designed to penetrate deeply into the skin and body. The so-called transdermal diffusion works particularly well and intensively with LA VAGUE Sels de Bain - base salt.

    Impairment of active and vital substances:
    Many other hindering or even harmful substances are often also present in many skin products, such as preservatives and additives, which are often more harmful overall than the active and vital ingredients can be positive. That's why there are absolutely no hindrances with LA VAGUE Sels de Bain - base salt. It is a basic, full-spectrum bath salt of high purity quality. The highest quality ingredients have also been chosen everywhere in terms of purity.

    A new way to detox:
    Detoxification is more important than ever these days. Part of the detoxification is alkaline bath osmosis with the neutralization of excess acids in the skin and body. Another part is the detoxification of pollutants. This works better and more completely, often only if the respective antagonists of the pollutants are brought into the field. This is the case with LA VAGUE bathrooms.

    LA VAGUE Sels de Bain is a four-part combination of important methods for complexly increasing the effects of baths:
    I. Alkaline bath = deacidification
    II. Full spectrum micronutrients = detoxification
    III. Complex enrichment with micronutrients = reduce deficiencies
    IV. Transdermal = special effect

    Why are the ingredients in LA VAGUE so extraordinary?
    ✓ all ingredients are active ingredients
    ✓ Full spectrum = high and complete number and concentration of active ingredients
    ✓ Alkaline bath salts
    ✓ Over 40 pure and important active ingredients made from minerals, trace elements,
    Oils, algae, precious and semi-precious stones
    ✓ new way of detoxification and enrichment

    Do you know the most beautiful and best beaches, oceans, seas, oases, spas, cures and skin remedies?
    Maybe there is still something truly fantastic to rediscover. It always happens, even if you think you already know everything. LA VAGUE full spectrum alkaline baths with their unique active ingredient complex are such a great thing. Enjoy baths you won't forget. If you're going to take a bath, why not actually use the great potential of bathrooms and fully exploit them? LA VAGUE Sels de Bain - Applications offer completely new possibilities.

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    What influence do the ingredients have on the effect of LA VAGUE alkaline baths?

    LA VAGUE Sels de Bain
    is an alkaline bath salt that aims to promote general well-being
    improve and help with various skin problems. Regular applications
    can greatly improve skin problems or prevent them from occurring. It is
    a physical refreshment and renewal, a fountain of youth par excellence.
    Our base salt LA VAGUE Sels de Bain promotes the immune system and has both relaxing and
    also stimulating and stimulating effects, brings the skin and body in many ways
    a new, better balance.

    Find out more about the effect

    Are there any special application recommendations for LA VAGUE Sels de Bain baths?

    There are different options to further optimize the effect of our alkaline bath salt LA VAGUE Sels de Bain:

    1. Regular alkaline baths with LA VAGUE Sels de Bain, preferably twice a week, are most beneficial

    2. Drink enough water or herbal teas before and during the alkaline bath

    3. If possible, try to take longer alkaline baths

    4. Brush the skin to aid detoxification

    5. If possible, occasionally immerse your head and face in the water

    6. If possible, leave the basic bath salt LA VAGUE Sels de Bain active and vital ingredients to dry on the skin after the bath

    7. Don't forego alkaline LA VAGUE baths in summer, but instead of longer hot alkaline baths, take more frequent, short, cool and refreshing alkaline LA VAGUE baths or cooling alkaline foot baths.

    For the application recommendation

    What are alkaline baths used for?

    The skin is many things at the same time, the body's largest detoxification organ and also a storage depot for aggressive substances in the organism. Alkaline baths promote the deacidification of the skin and body by particularly intensively activating the elimination processes of excess acids. During an alkaline bath, the pores of the skin are opened and, via what is known as bath osmosis, the difference between the alkaline bath water outside the skin cells and acids within the skin cells means that the acids are naturally led out of the cells into the bath water, where they are then stored in the alkaline environment be neutralized immediately. Alkaline baths have a beneficial effect on the skin and the entire body by promoting skin cleansing and detoxification, improving blood circulation and contributing to a healthy complexion.

    Many beneficial functions of alkaline baths

    Why does transdermal diffusion determine success?

    Transdermal diffusion is the process in which active ingredients and vital substances are absorbed through the skin. This process is important in cosmetics and pharmacology, with numerous studies related to special patches being known. In cosmetics, real changes to the skin are achieved via transdermal diffusion instead of mere surface treatments.

    Conditions for transdermal diffusion
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    Our base salt contains only natural, pure and highly concentrated ingredients

    We only use natural and highly pure ingredients.


    Experiences with LA VAGUE - alkaline baths

    • Ms. F., 38 years old, author and entrepreneur from Hamburg

      "I feel like a new person and I'm freshly energized. My face is radiant. I feel much younger. Thank you!"

    • Mr. F., 45 years old, state-certified physiotherapist from Schwäbisch Gmünd

      "The result was overwhelming. I experienced a fresh, vital feeling in both extremities. In general, a significant visual improvement in the skin."

    • Mrs B., 37 years old, singer

      "My muscles are no longer sore. My skin feels soft and well cared for. I really enjoy using the bath. Thank you."

    • Mr S., 68 years old, engineer from Oldenburg

      "My wife felt
      that she was unusually energetic and had gained much tighter skin. Our conclusion: LA VAGUE Sels de Bain causes full-body vitality, more beautiful, firmer skin and shiny nails."

    • Miss Dr. S., plastic surgeon from Hamburg

      "I find the LA VAGUE bath salts lovely, much better than all the others."



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