LA VAGUE is a passionate manufactory with the aim of harmonizing body and soul through alkaline cosmetics.

We offer high quality and stand for natural and effective cosmetics.

Made in Germany

LA VAGUE is a small manufacturer from Northern Germany. The development and production of LA VAGUE products takes place at the company headquarters in Barnstorf in Germany.

product philosophy

• Stay away from acids. Good cosmetics are always alkaline. You can use acids, such as hyaluronic acid, but you should always finish or follow up the application with good alkaline cosmetics.

• Good cosmetics should not contain any problematic substances. If you add just 1 drop of mineral oil to 10,000 liters of the best water, the entire water is inferior. It is similar with cosmetics. Really good cosmetics are super clean and contain only positive active ingredients.

• The skin is resilient and often shows negative reactions only late. An applied cream, emulsion or serum may superficially beautify the skin for a few hours. Since creams, emulsions and serums in particular usually have to be preserved very hard, negative effects on the skin only appear later, sometimes years or decades later, depending on how resistant the skin is. Therefore, good cosmetics should not contain any problematic substances so that the skin not only has a short-term surface treatment, but also remains beautiful, vital and young in the medium and long term.

• The active ingredients contained should have the greatest possible active ingredient power, i.e. they should be active ingredients that are really urgently needed by the skin and the body. They should then be present in sufficiently large concentrations and, above all, in the appropriate balances with each other, as they often compete with each other when absorbed. And they should be present as completely as possible. If possible, all important active and vital substances should be present at the same time, so that the skin and body are optimally and simultaneously supplied with everything during the applications. Often everything else makes little sense because leaving out certain important substances when there is a constant supply of other important substances then leads to their deficiency. Nature, the skin and the body work differently than people usually imagine. It matters less whether you get a lot of an important substance. It is much more important that there is no shortage of any important substance or important active ingredient or vital substance. All of this was strictly taken into account when formulating LA VAGUE Sels de Bain. It is a true full-spectrum bath salt with numerous benefits for the skin and body.

• According to Justus von Liebig, plant growth, the health of the plant, is determined by the substance that is present in the lowest amount and is most likely to show a deficiency. The plant can get a lot of certain nutrients; if an important nutrient is missing, it is of no use. Then growth and health are limited by this. The situation is very similar with human skin and the human body.

• LA VAGUE Sels de Bain is a real full spectrum bath salt with a huge complex of active ingredients.

• LA VAGUE Sels de Bain was specially developed for deep penetration of the skin, a so-called optimal transdermal diffusion. The result is high effectiveness for skin and body.

• When producing LA VAGUE Sels de Bain, the highest levels of purity of the ingredients were chosen with 100% active and vital substances, without any harmful substances or additives.

• LA VAGUE Sels de Bain consists of powerful natural substances in a rich and high-quality variety in harmonious balances.

• LA VAGUE Sels de Bain stands for the realization of true beauty, actual regeneration and renewal, high levels of wellness, fitness and vitality as well as the achievement of holistic health.