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"...My wife mixed it in a container with a higher concentration of water and rubbed it into herself with a sponge for the first time in the deep heat cabin. In this way, too, she had the feeling that she was unusually energetic after the session. It was very special She was thrilled because she had the feeling that she had gotten much tighter facial skin and skin.And another surprise, her fingernails suddenly shine even without nail polish, because when she dips the face pad in she inevitably wets her fingernails with the brine . Conclusion: Your miracle cure causes full-body vitality, more beautiful, firmer skin and shiny nails."

- Husband of a user


"...I used the LA VAGUE bath salts again and think it's really good. Very nourishing! And not only nourishing, but also relaxing. I didn't train so hard that I had sore muscles, but it hurts the body All right, I can sign that."

- German boxing world champion, 44 years


"...taking a footbath. The result was overwhelming. I experienced a fresh, vital feeling in both extremities. About 10 minutes after the bath, I also had a real feeling of vitality. Before the bath I had rough spots on both heels. The result after the bath was that the rough spots disappeared and I noticed a significant visual improvement in the skin overall. In summary, I can only report positive things. Anti-fatigue, revitalizing even after a few hours of treatment."

- State-certified physiotherapist


"I bathed with LA VAGUE for half an hour and am now lying in bed. It has a mega-super after-effect. I'm more than thrilled. LA VAGUE exceeds every expectation by far."

- User, 61 years old


"After taking a break from exercise, I did an extended workout and then took a bath. As a result, the next day I didn't have any sore muscles. I also noticed that my sense of taste was more sensitive to sweets. My skin felt great tender and cared for. I really enjoy using the bath after days of intense sport and physical activity. My feeling is that it relaxes and nourishes down to the last cell. I am very grateful for this bath salt. Thank you.'"

- singer, 37 years


"You should drink a lot after the bath. Then it works even better. That should also be in the instructions for use. My husband thinks that after a few baths he's getting a lot of new hair where his brain used to push the hair out."

- Lawyer, 58 years old


"Once you know it, you have to say: without LA VAGUE bath salts, bathing is useless."

- User, 23 years old


"Incredible. Fantastic. I didn't think so. You can really feel the dirt falling off you. You can't get anywhere near the same effect with other bath salts either."

- User, 45 years old


"Well suited for peeling. The skin on my face is not irritated. I'm very sensitive to this. After getting out of the bathtub, the skin feels noticeably good, like it's been lightly creamed, even for a while afterwards, no feeling of drying out. Good feeling all round. Definitely the best bath salts I've ever used. The stuff is great."

- User, 42 years old


"I took a bath again today. I notice the biggest difference in my shoulder because it's so free to move, it's incredible. And I notice the scar that was operated on is also very soft, you can hardly see it. That is really amazing."

- Bundesliga soccer player, model athlete


"A fantastic salt. My wife was really happy. It was really good and beneficial for her. A nice gift in a difficult time at the moment."

- Husband about his wife, 51 years


"...Especially in the area of ​​the levator scapula, musculus subscapularis, the experience was pleasant and positive. When you consider that this area can trigger headaches, among other things, it is of course positive and a great advantage."

- Physiotherapist


"I think the bath salts are lovely. Much better than others."

- Plastic surgeon



  • Hair color before LA VAGUE baths

  • Hair color after LA VAGUE baths

  • Hair color before LA VAGUE baths

  • Hair color after LA VAGUE baths

  • Wrinkles before LA VAGUE baths

  • Wrinkles after LA VAGUE baths

  • Complexion before LA VAGUE baths

  • Skin appearance after 3 months with LA VAGUE baths (3 times a week)

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