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Manufactory with passion

LA VAGUE is an exquisite cosmetics and wellness factory. We
attach great importance to particularly high-quality and pure ingredients and a careful handcrafted processing of these ingredients in our recipes. These are freshly fitted and made
Productions that are then quickly dispatched.

LA VAGUE attaches particular importance to pure, organic and natural ingredients. Many types of preservatives, additives and synthetic ingredients are allowed and contained in conventional cosmetics.

Differences between conventional, natural and organic cosmetics as well
LA VAGUE products

Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics contain many ingredients, such as different forms of alcohol, which LA VAGUE deliberately avoids because, in our opinion, they are not skin-friendly enough, but can attack and dry out the skin. LA VAGUE products also do not contain any synthetic substances or more aggressive forms of essential oils etc. and are therefore particularly pure and low in pollutants. LA VAGUE preserved solely by minerals and thus achieves the highest levels of purity, in comparison to conventional, but also in comparison to natural and organic cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics mainly contain substances of natural origin. organic Cosmetics also mainly contain substances of natural origin, which are also 95% of certified organic origin and controlled are characterized by different seals such as NATRUE, BDIH/COSMOS or ECOCERT. 

Which ingredients are not certified organic?

The many minerals and trace elements in LA VAGUE products are not certified organic. There, the most important criterion of purity is food suitability. All minerals and trace elements in LA VAGUE
Products meet the highest possible standards of purity and
are food grade.

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