Further optimization possibilities for LA VAGUE Sels de Bain baths

How can I optimize the effect of the LA VAGUE baths?
  1. Drink enough water or, even better, herbal teas before and during a LA VAGUE bath and a LA VAGUE spa treatment.
  2. Take your time. Longer baths are advantageous and bring additional effects. Even very long baths of 2-3 hours are not a problem and can intensify the effects even more.
  3. Before you get into the bathroom, we recommend a shower or washing with curd soap or natural soap.
  4. Dosing the right amount of LA VAGUE Sels de Bain is very individual. For very sensitive and sore skin, it is advisable to start carefully with 1 cup (90 g) per Ø full bath with 160 l water volume. If well tolerated, larger amounts bring additional effects. Paracelsus said: "The dose makes the poison". That is correct. But the dose also makes the effect. A higher dose, as long as it is well tolerated, brings additional positive effects.
  5. During the bath, skin detoxification can be supported by brushing the skin, especially in the areas with special detoxification and a lot of sweat glands, under the armpits, on the feet etc., but also on the face and on the head. If the skin starts to itch, it can be a sign that something is trying to get out of the skin. Careful brushing can help. The choice of the right brush is again very individual. Harder brushes usually bring better effects, but on the other hand the skin should not tear open, of course, if the brush tolerates it well.
  6. If you want, it is worth diving your head and face under water from time to time and bathing as well. This is very good for the skin of the face and also for the hair and also leads to greater “mental” effects of the bath. The head detoxifies with. You feel better.
  7. After the bath, we recommend leaving the many active and vital substances from LA VAGUE Sels de Bain on the skin for additional effects, not washing them off or drying them off, but rather letting them dry on the skin if possible, blow-drying them if necessary. In this way, skin and body benefit from the intensive LA VAGUE Sels de Bain cocktail of active ingredients for longer.
  8. When the temperatures are hot outside, short, cold LA VAGUE Sels de Bain baths can also be taken. This is a kind of Kneipp treatment combined with a short LA VAGUE Sels de Bain bath. This is a special benefit and cleansing during the hotter season, when you sweat more and like to bathe, but often don't like hot baths so much, but want to cool down.
  9. Regular LA VAGUE baths over a long period of time are best, preferably twice a week. For short baths in summer, every day.